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Making Your Best Moments Last Longer

Just like how you wouldn’t want to miss out on your child’s first step or your parents’ 50th anniversary, you wouldn’t want the memories of your most special celebrations to easily fade as well.

You want to cherish them a little bit longer or even come back to them from time to time. In the future, you might even want to share the story of your big day with your grandchildren, showing how youthful you looked back then.

At ZPhotography3 by Leslie Cantrell, we can help you capture those moments. We provide photography services for weddings and other celebrations. You can also have us take photos of your newborn child and young children.

Unique Pricing and Out-of-the-Box Ideas

When you hire us for your photography needs, you will receive the services of a creative team at very competitive prices. With a wide selection of props at our disposal, we’ll make sure that your photos come out impressive and truly stand out.

Meet Our Owner

Our owner, Leslie Cantrell, is a passionate photographer who stands apart from her competitors for her beautiful images. As a wife and mother to two children, she is keen on ensuring that her customers receive the best services all the time.

Leslie’s full-time job is offering hope to individuals with mental illness. She is the director of the Lamar County Counseling Center in Georgia.

Please take the time to browse the rest of our site to learn more about our company and services. If you have questions about the information we provided, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from our customers in Griffin and its surrounding areas.

Learn More About Us

Capturing moments that last a lifetime…one shot at a time.